My work focuses on the strength of individuals and how that affects relationships. Relationships with self and in turn to others, intrigues me and inspires my art. Extracting and capturing the essence of a figure or couples, I interpret the effects of external influences on internal composition and relationships. My desire is for people to relate to the concepts, recognize their personal situation, and move forward positively. My paintings abstract figures and convey emotions with colour and movement. Most of my work has moved to oils - I love the manipulation it allows and the spontaneity it draws out of me for the concepts. I lived for many years in a volatile relationship. Having survived this, years later, I have come to terms with it and found my voice again. The two series I am engaged with are an evolution of my personal journey, and observations of the journeys of others. I believe we all have personal strength waiting to be drawn on, and that it is critical to participate in honest, open and genuine relationships with self and others. We all deserve to live well and my work seeks out the positives of everyday emotions and events and is intended to promote love and honesty. karen klucowicz
artist statement