my art speaks about you, to you & for you.


k2 = karen klucowicz


You deserve a reward.

Motivation inspires you.

You strive for open, honest and direct communication.


My art is a catalyst for introspection, accolades, stimulus and conversation.


I’m an artist. I’ve been an artist all my life. Those who know me will tell

you I’m very direct - I don’t hold back, I’m adventurous, and I believe in

living life to the fullest.


My mission is to have as many people as possible live the same way.


I create art to provide visual references that will empower you. Paintings that

show your strength, profile your goals in personal development and/or

relationships, and, artwork that you can use to initiate dialogue.


My art speaks

  about you,

    to you,


      for you.


creatively yours,



You can find out more (more than you ever might want to know) in my bio in pictures, or in text (if you have the time and patience to read).


Do you want to know more about how I work or read my thoughts on art?

Go here – artist statement & more about my art.


Talk to me on my blog or facebook. Feel free to call!






about art by k2

Paintings are supplied with hanging hardware & guide to hanging.

Let me know if this is a gift and I'll wrap it for you!