my art speaks about you, to you & for you.

artist's statement

If people were always direct and honest with themselves and others, communication would not be the issue that it is today.


I strive to encourage personal growth and direct communication in relationships. With my art, I interpret the effects of external influences on internal composition. My paintings abstract figures and convey emotions with colour and movement.   By extracting and capturing the essence of a figure or couples, I hope people will put themselves in the art and dialogue openly and honestly.


I am compelled to share my art to help others with their personal growth, to encourage directness in communication, to live life honestly, and to support individual development through their experiences. These series draw from my personal story, and the lives of my friends and family, to relate and
convey common ideas globally.


April 2017



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karen klucowicz

Paintings are supplied with hanging hardware & guide to hanging.

Let me know if this is a gift and I'll wrap it for you!