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Canadian artist - Toronto, Ontario


I can’t suppress the urge to draw and paint anymore!





I have a collection of my sketch books starting when I was 11 and haven’t stopped since!






Went to school (a couple

of times).



Submerged myself in the world of advertising and corporate communications.




Entered another dimension (interior design).



Focused on the bedroom.



Subjected anyone that let me to art (mine and others).





An artist in the design world.






Restless ...








On purpose...









new beginnings (ha! I have a

painting with that name too)

from colouring books to sketch books

shows, commissions, figure work

student & artist in

2 and 3D


everyone should live with art!

access to concepts


my world and yours

extended bio





karen klucowicz


my life in art

Here I am re-launching my fine art career after years of painting and drawing regularly

while working full-time in areas that I thought were right for me, in terms of having a ‘job’. Don’t get me wrong, I loved each job and at the time they were right for me.


The reality is, I’ve always lived and worked as an artist. My approach and completion of projects came from a fine art perspective, whether working in graphic design, advertising, or interior design.


drawing & painting history

I don’t remember when I first started drawing and painting, but I do know that colouring and craft projects were my favourite things to do as a child. I vividly recall competing in a

‘girls against boys’ drawing competition in elementary school. I recently recovered three of my sketchbooks from ages 11, 12 and 13! I started with cartoon replications, moved to still life

and landscapes, and explored tonnes of mediums through high school and college. I continued to paint and draw, focusing on figures and abstracting them into my own style. I had several exhibitions, sold some work and created commissioned pieces.




Not believing that I could have a ‘career’ as an artist, I went to Humber College for interior design. Years later I attended the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCADU) majoring in illustration, hoping these courses would satisfy my creative urges. This formal education

had me working freelance for many years in graphic design and social marketing – telling the story of companies or groups through print materials.



For many years, I was a partner in a small design studio where my studies strongly came into play. Our company offered multi-media solutions for corporate branding and marketing, retail advertising, print, television, radio, and product launches.


It was a fun time and provided a well-rounded experience. Our business turned to corporate branding in the third dimension when a client learned of my interior design background – the business grew to restaurant and corporate interior design. It was exciting and we worked with amazing people.


interior design

Several years ago, I left the company and launched a boutique interior design studio for residential work, specializing in master bedrooms (eroticainteriors.com and, for my more

conservative clientele, interiorsbyk2.com). My philosophy in creating interiors is to ensure my clients live in a comfortable, visually pleasing and functional space. I also have a passion for designing furniture and lighting.


art driven projects

Art has always been a key ingredient to my work in graphic design and developing interior schemes and concepts. I can’t help it!


In each career, my ideas and projects were art-driven – in fundraising for a children’s hospital, in graphic design, in advertising and marketing, and in interior design.


Wherever and as often as I was able, I brought art in some form to every project – visual imagery in ads and corporate brochures, paintings, photographs and sculpture to interiors,

hanging my own paintings in interiors, and custom designing furniture for spaces. I have always ‘titled’ my projects, whether for an AIDS Committee of Toronto campaign that I titled “bathhouse boy” or a private client

bedroom interior titled “sultry nights”.


full circle

Not long ago I began to explore my desire for a career shift, find a new life direction, and develop future plans. And eureka! It was time to return to my passion for fine art full time. I want to paint. I want to share my art. I want to inspire others.



So here I am, and here you are, participating in my life adventure. Now, I am actively pursuing my passion for art – living each day with the joy of painting, drawing, and launching my art out into the world.


I’m sharing my story and the art that comes from it (a bit scary, but necessary) on this site,

in my blog, on art shopping sites, with private commissions, and through creative retreats and corporate workshops.


Welcome to my world and thanks for letting me into your world.


Paintings are supplied with hanging hardware & guide to hanging.

Let me know if this is a gift and I'll wrap it for you!