my art speaks about you, to you & for you.


4 easy steps to commissioning art!


1 . YOU reach out to me (telephone or email) and tell me what interests you;

2 . WE discuss and develop a concept together about what you want the image to be;

3 . I sketch the concept and WE discuss colours;

4 . I complete the piece and deliver it, ready to hang (or gift).

i love working on commissioned pieces!


why would you commission a piece of art?



Commissioned works of art are all about you or the person to whom you gift them. I love to hear your story and develop a piece in my style that speaks to you, for you and about you.



art as motivation

Keep a visual reference in your space for motivation – highlight strong aspects of your character, an internal dialogue, or a goal you have. It will serve as a visual landing point to keep you focused.



art as reward

You did it! Your strength and personal efforts demonstrate that you can do and be anything.

A painting is your reward to exemplify your achievement.


remind yourself to stay open to new relationships



art for dialogue

It’s beautiful when a relationship matures, relaxes or evolves.

A work of art depicting your relationship will serve as a reminder, invite conversation, and keep your relationship hot and new!







art as a gift

Gifting art (a painted scroll, an intimacy card, or a full painting) is a lovely way to show your appreciation and demonstrate the things you admire (or desire) about someone.  Starting at $25 CAD.







The works are original and unique. I share the story and the creative process

with you so your connection to the piece is perfect.


It’s simple and fun.

creatively yours,





talk about the strengths you gain each from the other

in lieu of a card this little painting was created in the colours worn by the wedding party and celebrates the coming together of two people

reward your

personal achievement

commissioned art INSTALLATIONS

To Top

Paintings are supplied with hanging hardware & guide to hanging.

Let me know if this is a gift and I'll wrap it for you!