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Strategic planning and execution are integral to your critical thought and action process. We believe in diversity of thought — through art. Our events are unique. The creative workshops allow your company an opportunity to convey your corporate message and/or gain valuable input from the team.


Our team-building workshops are “fun with purpose”: they bring thinking outside of the box to a whole new level. Your goals and objectives will be met whether through a single workshop, a series of workshops, or a conference retreat designed to be suitable for all stakeholders, staff and/or clientele.


These are not paint-by-number events! They are sessions that expand the thinking process, that present corporate ideas, solicit feedback from your team, and inspire a community of communication. The workshops are a fun way to build teams and help them to focus on outcomes. Ultimately this will help move your business forward.

corporate workshops created specifically for your business!

Designing your ideas is your business, conveying them to your team is ours! Thank you so much for your interest. Feel free to reach out and determine if our events are right for your team.

art by k2

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Creating a community of communication. single workshop - collaborative painting In this guided workshop, a painting that works with your objective will be divided up into pieces. Each participant paints one piece of an overall image. At the end of the session, the masterpiece is assembled. The event(s) can be held at your place of business or off-site. workshop series A regular (weekly or monthly) series of workshops. From concept journaling, individual paintings to collaborative community works, each event will move your company forward and meet your needs. The event(s) can be held at your place of business or off-site. corporate retreats & conferences This program is a split between formal corporate material and art events that will enhance or deliver the message/theme. You run the formal and we’ll get the rest organized to augment those.
“...most well-attended ice-breaking event that this conference has ever held! ...could not believe the level of involvement of participants and general enjoyment.” Richard Export Development Canada

facilitating artist Karen Klucowicz

Combining her career in marketing, interior design and fine arts, Karen conducts workshops that engage talent to stimulate professional development and create business growth. She is  a graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto and represented by Raven Art Gallery in Niagara, Ontario.

“Karen was an absolute delight to work with. I wanted to engage my coworkers in an event that would get them excited about our new corporate social responsibility program and right from the beginning Karen knew how to take our vision of people, planet, and profit to life. Leading up to the event Karen was very enthusiastic and organized - there was little work for me to do. The painting itself was very informative; we learned about art and how to paint but also how to work with a team in a unique setting. The best part is that our masterpieces now hang on the wall to remind us of our fun afternoon painting and what we are ultimately striving for as a company.” katie a., fiix software

82 participants, 4 masterpieces, 4 messages relating to overall conference theme

our team-building exercises are unique


k2 workshops provide your company with a creative way to present to or hear vital information from your team and inspire the participants to work collaboratively!


An ideal tool for strategic planning or training, this opportunity can be adapted and customized to suit the organization’s needs. Conveying new messaging, re-energizing the team or soliciting feedback from the team are a few examples of how to take advantage of the event(s).


In consultation with the artist, your event format and artwork(s) will be selected that have the ability to convey what you need to say, inspire in, or hear from your team.


Our event formula recognizes individuality, promotes participant interaction, process negotiations and collaboration. It reiterates the idea that while your team members are individuals, they are contributing to the whole.



workshop format

We begin each workshop with a short presentation about art and the creative process. The participants then spend about an hour and a half working individually and with each other to complete the activity. The event always wraps up with the delivery of the objective to the session either by your facilitating artist or a corporate representative.




The workshops are fun and memorable! Events of this nature motivate individuals to ‘think outside of the box’ and problem solve in interesting, new and unique ways.


The collaboration to create the art incites both ownership in the message and ultimately the company.  The finished masterpiece(s) will carry the event results forward for the team. You may want to install the finished painting or the individuals can keep their own creation. Either way the good time and the message will resonate with everyone.

what's included . client briefing: meet to focus event objectives; . planning and preparation of the workshop(s); . set up, facilitation and event take-down; . all required workshop materials; . take-away gift for each participant. Your job as organizer is easy! • workshop base fee $1,850.00* cdn • up to 15 participants* • workshop series single workshops with more than 15 participants & corporate retreats & conference groups quoted individually depending on location, number of workshops, participants and details (basic fee plus rate per person averaging $30each) *includes : . up to 3 client meetings briefing, presentation, debrief . all activity supplies for each participant . takeaway gift for each participant . site setup . facilitator : art presentation, instructions and guided workshop . hands on assistance for participants . reveal together with corporate messaging/summary . site clean up and take down **additional The following services are available if required or desired and will be quoted separately: . off-site location . source and secure . catering . masterpiece(s) framing / installation With a history in interior design we offer installation, framing and space planning to optimize the impact of this experience. art by k2 is pleased to offer non-profit, charitable organization rates

creatively yours, karen klucowicz