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& more about my art [art by k2]


I like to share my story about each piece I create – where it came from or why it’s there.

When you are visually drawn to a painting, I hope my story will help you explore your connection to the piece.


My main body of work is two series that explore personal strength and relationships. I delve into emotions using colour and by manipulating gestures or details of figures.


My paintings address life directly and challenge you to respond. Through stories and situations,

I invite you to examine and share your emotions, your relationships, and your mental and physical energies - honestly. My art exemplifies the sharing of environmental influences, from and to the individual, internally and externally.


The colours in my pieces will speak to you, evoking emotions and establishing connections between you and the figures.






The ‘dwells within’ series on individuals began with welcome.


Self-exploration, personal development and recognition of growth of individuals is the foundation and focus of this series.


welcome, acrylic on canvas, 26x26” / 66x66cm really is the launch piece of this series. It is my personal story of opening myself up to others. The figure accepts colours representing love, protection, honesty and hope.





‘where one leaves off’ is a series about relationships. This series explores the relativity between people and the influences of their surroundings. It delves into how we live, project or develop our character, relationships and environment. At times, the pieces reference an issue I’ve dealt with, an observation of a well-known relationship, or an outcome that I believe is possible between two people.


mystery of clarity (30x48” / 76x122cm, oil on canvas) reflects the solidity of a relationship as emotion, experiences and love grow it to a point of stability.






‘tantric & other musings’ is meant to encourage body- and sex-positive explorations of sexuality and depth of relationships.



‘body beautiful’ series – exemplifies gestures and figures in poses of energy

commissioned art – I love working on commissioned pieces! It’s a wonderful way to explore your own life as we collaborate. Discussing concept, direction and intention ensures that the final piece speaks to and “is” you. Your personal connection to the process and the end result is critical. The piece must resonate with you or the person for whom you intend it. My enthusiasm for working on

commissions has roots in my experience

as an interior designer. It’s my passion to research, source and bring elements together so people love their space.



I designed this commissioned piece to work with a home-office interior.  This painting addresses the chaos that life sometimes brings and the peace a relationship can instill on it.


juxtaposition, oil on canvas, (48x30" / 122x76cm)






intimacy cards & gift scrolls – Not your typical greeting cards these pieces are created to express and gift relationship ideas and desires.


The gift scrolls are small paintings on canvas (typically couples) that one might give in lieu of a card. A message can be written on the back. I started doing these when I found wedding cards and special occasion cards (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) just didn’t meet my expectations.


I created the intimacy cards as I have found tasteful, sexy cards are difficult to find. Some are sexually explicit and all are scenes that convey closeness and express intimate thoughts in a visual form. They are blank inside so that you can write your own personal message.



There you have it – my creative world on-line. I hope you enjoy my art and I welcome any feedback.


creatively yours,



p.s. – That’s enough about me. FOR NOW. Follow my blog for more of my musings and stories about my art and life as I continue this journey.





My artwork offers you a starting point to have direct, open and honest conversations with others.



Paintings are supplied with hanging hardware & guide to hanging.

Let me know if this is a gift and I'll wrap it for you!